AHS Recognition

Visual and Performing Art Program Statistics

Most individuals who know of Arrowhead High School are aware that it is a leading educational institute in Wisconsin amongst all high schools. In fact in 2010, AHS was ranked #4 in the state with the three schools ranked higher than AHS being charter schools with a combined student body under 100. In addition to academics, AHS has been recognized nationally as a leader in Athletic achievement boasting more top ranked sports teams then nearly anyone in the state.

What is most unusual for the academic and athletic powerhouse is the size and success of its arts program. The average high school in Wisconsin has a performing arts participation rate of 4.4%. For a school the size of AHS, this would mean that if it was an average arts school, slightly more than 100 students would participate in some form of Band or Choir. At AHS, this number is over 750, 7x the participation of an average Wisconsin High School.

About AHS Art Program:

1. AHS has a large number of students that are interested in the Arts.
2. AHS has an exceptional teaching staff that encourages participation in the Arts early on in the high school experience.
3. AHS has a curriculum that supports "Something for Everyone". This approach enables students to explore more education experiences. A student at AHS does not have to choose between AP Stats and Choir because here the student is able to take both.

Arts Participation:

1. Over 1200 AHS Students have signed up for Visual Art Classes in the 2010/2011 School year.
2. Over 470 AHS Students participate in arguably the largest high school choral program in the state.
3. Over 270 AHS Students participate in the instrumental program at AHS.
4. The 450 seat theater at AHS is the smallest theater of its size in the state for a high school with a student body class size over 2300.

Past Choir Accomplishments 2010/2011

1. In 2011, 240 AHS Students participated in District Solo Ensemble.
2. In 2011, 153 Advanced to compete at State Solo Ensemble:
a. 6 Madrigal Groups, 20 singers each
b. 8 Womens Triple Trios, 9 singers each
c. 5 Men's triple Trios, 9 singers each
d. 10 Women's Barbershop Quartets, for singers each
e. 4 Men's Barbershop Quartents, 4 singers each
f. 38 Solo Perfromances

Past Instrumental Accomplishments 2010/2011

1. In 2011, 150 AHS Students participated in District Solo Ensemble.
2.In 2011, 90 advanced to compete at State Solo Ensemble:
a. 51 solos on almost every string, woodwind, brass and percussion instrument including piano
b. 1 Brass Choir with 17 players
c. 1 Saxophone Quartet
d. 1 Saxophone Choir with 15 players
e. 1 Woodwind Choir with 23 players
f. 1 Trumpet duet
g. 1 Clarinet/Flute duet
h. 1 Percussion duet
i. 1 Percussion trio
j. 2 Mixed percussion ensembles

Other Accomplishments

1. In 2010, Three AHS Vocal Soloists Received the "Exemplary State Soloist Award". 3 Instrumentalist were awarded the Exemplary State Soloist Award. In addition to Exemplary State Soloist Award, Ben Pomeroy received a special invitation from WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) to perform on solo drum set at the 2010 Wisconsin State Teachers Convention in October. Of the 220,000 students who participated state wide in vocals and music, only 20 of these special invitations were awarded.
2. In 2010, six AHS Students were chosen by audition to sing it the Wisconsin State Honors Choir
3. In 2010, three AHS Students were chosen by audition to perform in the Wisconsin's State Honors Band.
4. In 2010, AHS students received a special invitation to sing at the Governor's Mansion for a WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) reception. The invitation was issued by Mike George, Executive Director of WSMA, after hearing AHS students sing at State Solo and Ensemble.
5. In 2010, AHS choir student Elissa Pfaender was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the June 11th Brewers game at Miller Park.

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